Trailer Update!

The trailer has been such a fun project for me this summer! Here are the things that I have fixed up on it so far.

Walls before paint

Walls in the process of being painted whiteIMG_4478 IMG_4484

Everything is painted white so far except for the green around the fridge and heater. I am still trying to decide what colour I should go with for that!


Cupboards before


Cupboards after. We still have to put them up once we paint the green.


Cushions before


Cushions after

August041 copyAugust043 copyAugust044 copyIMG_3097

Fridge before


Fridge after
IMG_3098 IMG_3099

I still have to sew new curtains, flooring, paint all the green, hang up a mirror/pictures, paint the outside, put the cupboards back on, and find some cute throw pillows!