Middle of no where

Chelsea and I drove out to Millet Alberta yesterday to go to an antique store that my Uncle had raved about. I have no clue why my Uncle had gone to the middle of no where Millet but much to our delight they have the most quaint Antique store. The sweet old man who owns it lives on the same property as the store but he lives in the house, and the store is in a make-shift garage.

July372 copy

July375 copy

July375 copy2

I picked out these old keys, they are the smallest ones I have ever seen! Perfect to hang on a necklace if you ask me!

July381 copy

July388 copy

I’m not sure if I love ombre so much because I’m a hairstylist, or if it’s the fact that it is just plain beautiful. Now that I have a super cute tea cup I need to find a tea pot that is just as fancy!

July391 copy

July394 copy

This ice cream cup is cute right? Its from Home Sense. I bought it in the same day, just not from the antique store in Millet. I couldn’t resist all those cute colors it has!