30 weeks!

It seems crazy that I only have 10 weeks left of my pregnancy! 30 weeks has gone by so quickly, and we can’t wait to meet our little man. I’m so happy to be in my third trimester because it means being that much closer to meeting him!

30-janu14 copy
How far along? 30 weeks 2 day
Total weight gain/measurements: 8lbs! (as of last week at my doctors appointment)
Maternity clothes: I have 3 pairs of maternity jeans/pants but all of my tops are still fitting me.
Stretch marks? None so far- heres hoping!
Sleep: I have a hard time with sleeping now, I wake up much easier and find it harder to fall back asleep once I am up. I have also started sleeping with a pillow in-between my legs because its more comfortable.
Movement: He moves pretty much non-stop!
Food cravings: Fruit has been my number one food craving, I can’t seem to get enough of it.
Gender: BOY!
Wedding rings on or off? On!
How have I been feeling? So far so good! In the beginning I had some morning sickness, but at around 12 weeks it went away. Now my belly is getting bigger and it is putting pressure on my ribs, but other then that it has been easy!
Last day of work? March 8th

2 Become 3

Our family is growing and we couldn’t’t be more excited! I have never been through such an overwhelming, joyful and surreal time in my life. Once I put it on facebook I knew the whole world would know right away. All the love that has been expressed to us has been such a beautiful thing. We are expecting the baby at the end of March 2014.

Sept029 copy copy

Obviously with such an exciting thing I needed to change something in our house right away! I had all of this hung up except for the wooden number 3 board. I can’t wait for our family of 2 to turn into our family of 3!

Sept037 copy

Sept039 copy