House Tour // Main floor

I did a post a few months ago on our basement, showing mostly photos of how we have it decorated and the lay out of it. This post will show you photos of our main floor excluding our kitchen because I will do a separate post for that!

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A few years ago my sister and I made these key hangers out of pallet wood. It was really easy to make and very practical!

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I made the ruffles to hang over the door with some scrap fabric I had already from previous projects.

January036 copy January037 copy January038 copy January039 copy

The pictures hanging in the chicken wire frame are from Origrami. Its a website that takes your Instagram photos and makes them into a polaroid picture.

January040 copy January042 copy January043 copy

Our main floor washroom also has our washer and dryer in it, which you can hardly see in these photos.

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