A pop of color!

Even though it snowed here in Edmonton today I am being optimistic in thinking spring is around the corner. I made this fabric banner last year some time and didn’t have any idea of where I was going to put it in my home. I made it all neutrals so I could put it anywhere and have it work. It has been up over the old window in our kitchen for quite some time and I love it there, but everything was cream and neutrals. I went to fabric land and picked up some sheer turquoise fabric to add to it for a pop of color.

The banner is very easy to make. I got fabric in the colors I liked, cut it into strips with fabric scissors, and knot them over some twine.

Banner before:

February176 copy February177 copyFebruary179 copy February178 copy

Banner After:

February180 copy February181 copyFebruary185 copy

February182 copy February183 copy

I love the little change! The best part of it all is when I get tired of the bright color I can just take them off! Sometimes it is lots of work being someone who needs change in their life often!