Hospital Bag

Since I am due in less than a week I thought it was about time that I got my hospital bag and diaper bag packed! Here is a list of what we are planning to bring along with us in our hospital bag!

March071 copytext

– Flip flops (for the shower)

March057 copy


Norwex face cloth

Image face wash / face lotion

– Hair elastic

 – Headband

March060 copy

– Breast pads (disposable)

– Lanolin Cream

– Hydrogel tender care pads

March062 copy


March064 copy

-Shower cap

– Dry shampoo

March065 copy

– Tissues

– Lip balm

March067 copy

– Loose fitting going home outfit

March070 copy

 – Nursing tank top

March068 copy

– Camera battery

– Battery charger

March069 copy

– Tooth paste / tooth brushes

– Mints

Things not photographed: 

– Socks

– Underwear

– Steve’s change of clothing

– Deodorant

– Camera

– Ipad

– Granola bars (for Steve)

– Pj’s for both of us incase we stay a little while

– Cell phone charger

Anyone think I am missing anything??