DIY Dreamcatcher

I often go to antique malls and spend hours looking at all the old treasures. The last time I was at an antique mall, I saw a dreamcatcher that was made with a doily and some ribbon. And we all know how much I love doilies from this post, Doilies make my heart happy! So I gathered up my art supplies that would work for this project and went out and bought some feathers!

August040 copy

August042 copy

August048 copy

August051 copy

August054 copy

August056 copy

August084 copy

I hung it in one of the spare bedrooms on the wall when you first walk in!

August090 copy

August094 copy

I tried to use some feminine colors to brighten up the bedroom! Pretty cute, right?

Doilies make my heart happy

Some people gush over puppies and kittens. Not this girl, I have a love for doilies! I made a banner and hung it up on my wall as a piece of art work. I had a roll of twine on hand and some doilies, and I started sewing them on to the twine. It wasn’t until I was two doilies in and remembered how much I dislike sewing, so I used fabric glue instead!

March_1235 copy copy

March_1234 copy copy

IMG_9385 copy copy

IMG_9388 copy copy

IMG_9390 copy copy

IMG_9394 copy copy

This is the brand of fabric glue I used.

Crafts_0079 copy1