Pompom Garland

Our front room where you take off your shoes and hang up your jacket has always looked a little bare to me. I decided to make a pompom garland to string over the mirror to add some colour. I went to Michael’s to get some yarn and pompom makers. You don’t need pompom makers, there are tons of tutorials online on how to make it with a fork, but for $5 dollars I thought I would save myself the headache and time and get the gadget that makes it ten times faster.

December155 copy

Pompom makers:

December143 copyDecember145 copy

Yarn colour choices:December138 copy December141 copyDecember1542December150 copy

The finished look: December157 copy December158 copy December159 copy December160 copy December161 copy

Gift bag turned wall art

December126 copy

When I went to target and saw this gift bag I knew I needed to have it. But I thought it was too cute to give away, I wanted to keep it for years to come and put it up every christmas!

December128 copy

I looked for a frame to put it in for a while and couldn’t find anything so I thought I would put it on our chicken wire frame, as well as all the christmas cards we have gotten! Hopefully I will find a cute frame to put it in for next christmas but for now I am loving how it looks in its new home.

December130 copy

December131 copy

December136 copy December137 copy

Mini Stocking!

Steven and I have two super cute burlap stockings that I ordered off an etsy site a few years ago. Since then the shop has stopped making the same stockings so I couldn’t order one for Hendrix. One of my friends was out shopping and saw a mini burlap stocking and thought I could do something with it to make it Hendrix’s. It was a little girly with the flower and tassel, and it hung the opposite way that our stockings hang.
November444 copyNovember446 copy

I took of the flower and tassel and moved where the brown strap is to hang it going the right way. I had some left over pom pons from my trailer curtains and thought they would go nice on the stocking. December106 copy December107 copy

I used cardboard to cut out an “H” and then wrapped it with twin. It is now hanging beside the big stockings and looks adorable! December108 copy December110 copy December112 copy December117 copy December124 copy

So, we bought a trailer.

IMG_2905July022 copy July026 copyJuly020 copy



I can’t wait to get started on making it beautiful! I want to go with a bohemian/plaid/aztec/camping feel. Make sense? If not here are some photos of my inspiration…

Photo via: http://sulia.com/channel/home-design/f/fe2a3356-3ae1-4e6c-82f3-173b592d00e6/?action=share&source=pin&btn=big&form_factor=desktop\


Photo via: http://www.designlovefest.com/2014/01/austin-blogshop-details/


Photo via: http://www.delightfully-tacky.com/2014/01/our-home-bedroom-tour.html IMG_2975

Photo via: http://www.rootsandfeathers.blogspot.ca/search?updated-max=2012-09-04T07:47:00-07:00&max-results=8&start=53&by-date=false IMG_2978

Photo via: http://aubreyandlindsay.blogspot.ca IMG_2980

Photo via: http://localmilkblog.com/2014/01/kinfolk-infusions-buttered-bourbon-cider.html#more-1175 IMG_2985

Photo via: http://instagram.com/stanley_brand IMG_3373


DIY Distressed Denim

I have owned these jeans for over 4 years. I wore them all the time, then couldn’t wear them while I was pregnant. Now that I can wear them again I wanted to do something to them to make them feel new again! The back pockets where already starting to look worn in so I distressed them even more.

April330 copy

April331 copy
I put a piece of cardboard in-between the two pieces of denim so that only the front would get cut. I put slits in the knees, on the pocket hole, and some on the back pockets and then washed them and dried them.

April333 copy

April336 copy April337 copy
April334 copy

April360 copy April361 copy

New jeans without spending any money!


Nursery Inspiration

It’s time! Time to start planning our baby’s nursery. In this post I am going to show you a few different photos so you can get the idea of what I am thinking of doing for our boy’s room. These next few photos are the crib that we bought and have set up in his room already…

IMG_9226Photo from:  kfd Designs

stellas-nursery-11Photo from: Onto Baby

tumblr_l0mb5lW8GJ1qzw1ebo1_500Photo from: Loveliest Days

baby-camille-1Photo from: Onto Baby

I am thinking of going with a rustic/industrial/antique looking room.


IMG_5093Photo from: Design Indulgence

rustic-outdoor-inspired-nursery-1Photo from: Onto Baby

(I have a slight obsession with lockers)

8d500c6593b62dd50e6e064ae5d0c755Photo from: Onto Baby

24c763c8b0cb6e1a310e6c385cdab750Photo from: Grand Design

ontobaby07Photo from: Onto Baby

fbc615b808845baa251d2bcfee6a3ee7Photo from: blood and champagne

Behind the crib we are thinking of doing a wood wall, in a lighter grey/brown tone. On the wall we are thinking of putting the baby’s name up with the metal letters from Anthropologie, like the letters we have in our bathroom.

f6aab3bb66c29be6c7c7ae11dd4547acPhoto from: Bower Power Blog

38a513a07d899bb9ee000ca7030a0155Photo from: Houzz

Yarn wrapped antlers are showing up everywhere now, and I’m hoping that we can incorporate it somewhere in his room!

f3698d9f7892e2157f4bcd68dde2e0f4Photo from: Onto Baby

27fd94c08bd3abcae944cf2784c7ac1aPhoto from: Dressed in Orange

DIY Dreamcatcher

I often go to antique malls and spend hours looking at all the old treasures. The last time I was at an antique mall, I saw a dreamcatcher that was made with a doily and some ribbon. And we all know how much I love doilies from this post, Doilies make my heart happy! So I gathered up my art supplies that would work for this project and went out and bought some feathers!

August040 copy

August042 copy

August048 copy

August051 copy

August054 copy

August056 copy

August084 copy

I hung it in one of the spare bedrooms on the wall when you first walk in!

August090 copy

August094 copy

I tried to use some feminine colors to brighten up the bedroom! Pretty cute, right?