Birth Story

Be prepared. This will probably be the most reading you will ever do on this blog. I am not much of a writer. I love photos. If I “read” a magazine or someone’s blog, I am really just looking at the photos.

March 25th came and went. Then April came, which was one of the longest weeks of my life. On March 31st I went for my weekly check up with my OB. He measured my belly and it had gotten smaller than the week before and because he thought the baby was very small he was worried that he wasn’t getting enough nutrients. The doctor decided to induce me with Cervidil three days later, on April 3rd. For those who don’t know Cervidil is given to women who are very close to having their baby. It releases the same hormone that your body releases when you go into labor naturally.

The night before, I had one very strong contraction and thought that maybe I would go into labor that night, I was wrong. At 7:30AM on April 3rd we went to the hospital. Around 9:00AM the Cervidil was inserted, once inserted you have to stay lying in the hospital bed for two hours while they monitor the baby’s heart rate. After what seemed like forever, they finally released us to go. Immediately after we got some lunch then decided to go home, relax and watch a movie. Steve watched the movie and I slept, which was good because I didn’t get the best sleep the night before due to the tightening, and was a little bit stressed out knowing that I was going to be in labor the next day.

The doctor told us that we had to come back to the hospital between 5:00-6:00PM to get the babies heart rate monitored again, or come in if my contractions got fast enough that they were 5 minutes apart. Contractions started around 1:30PM and by 5:00PM they were 5 minutes apart, soon after we left for the hospital. As soon as we arrived, they checked me and found that I was 4cm dilated. There was a bit of concern due to his heart rate, it would just randomly slow down then get back to normal. Since the heartbeat was a bit inconsistent they decided it would be best if we just stayed at the hospital until we had our baby, just so they could keep an eye on his heart rate. If memory serves me correctly it was around 7:00PM and I had to pee! When I stood up to go to the washroom I noticed my water broke. After my water broke they set me up in the delivery room. By this time my contractions where getting more and more painful, so we walked around the hospital for a few hours trying to forget about the pain. By 11:00PM my contractions were lasting a minute and a half, and were around one minute apart and incredibly painful. Every contraction now felt earth shattering, and I would squeeze Steve’s arm as tight as possible. They checked to see how far dilated I was at this point, all I could think about was how I must be close to 10cm. NO!, still only 4cm. SERIOUSLY!! I was so frustrated I thought I would have made some progression by now. The contractions where closer together, lasting longer, and way more painful. Because I wasn’t progressing, I was sure I wouldn’t have the baby until the morning.

The time came for me to decide if I was going to have an epidural or not, the doctor told me if I want an epidural I would have to get it within the next half hour, or have to wait until the next time the anesthesiologist was available, which would be in a couple of hours. So, I agreed to get the epidural. About twenty minutes later the doctor came in to give me the epidural, and by this point I was in so much pain I felt like I couldn’t handle it anymore. Trying to sit still while getting a needle in your spine and having contractions all at once is not an easy task, but then epidural kicked in. It was like night and day; I was so relaxed and was able to sleep/rest for two hours.

Then all of a sudden the baby’s heart rate went very high and the doctor was worried that the baby couldn’t handle the stress so they took some blood and brought it down to the OR in case I needed an emergency C-section. I was so upset I started crying and could hardly talk because I had not envisioned my labor to be a C-section. The nurse came in around 1:45AM and checked me, and I was now somewhere between 6-7cm! Yay a little progression, still was worried about getting a C-section, so this was good news. After the check the nurse mentioned that if I had any pressure, pain or the feeling I needed to push to use the call button, but that it probably wouldn’t be anytime soon. At this point I started praying that I wouldn’t need a C-section and that I could have this baby naturally. Within 15 minutes I went from 6-7cm to 10cm. I remember lying on my side and feeling like I couldn’t keep my legs closed, so I went onto my back. I told Steven right away that I felt like I needed to push, and he hardly believed me. He used the call button and told the nurse on the phone we needed someone because I felt like I needed to push. She hung up and within seconds I started pushing with no one in the room except for me and Steve. He ran out to the hall to get a nurse, and very soon after my doctor was in the room. It was only 20 minutes of pushing and then our perfect little boy was born!

We were planning on having my friend Kaitlyne from Greentee Photography come and photograph the first few moments of our son’s life. Because I progressed so quickly, there was no time for a phone call. But because she is so sweet she came to the hospital around noon and took some photos for us at the hospital!


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When my niece Davenee came to the hospital she brought me this super cute necklace. She is the best. April388 copy April395 copy April396 copy April400 copy April404 copy April406 copy April413 copy April415 copy April421 copy April450 copy April451 copy