Mini Stocking!

Steven and I have two super cute burlap stockings that I ordered off an etsy site a few years ago. Since then the shop has stopped making the same stockings so I couldn’t order one for Hendrix. One of my friends was out shopping and saw a mini burlap stocking and thought I could do something with it to make it Hendrix’s. It was a little girly with the flower and tassel, and it hung the opposite way that our stockings hang.
November444 copyNovember446 copy

I took of the flower and tassel and moved where the brown strap is to hang it going the right way. I had some left over pom pons from my trailer curtains and thought they would go nice on the stocking. December106 copy December107 copy

I used cardboard to cut out an “H” and then wrapped it with twin. It is now hanging beside the big stockings and looks adorable! December108 copy December110 copy December112 copy December117 copy December124 copy

Duel Purpose Bouquet

I have a good friend named Tess. She got married in Mexico at the end of January, and it was an amazing trip. There was a group of 62 of us that went, including friends from work, my sister and her husband, and a whole bunch of other friends. When Tess asked me to make her bouquets with her I was ecstatic! My sister Chelsea and I made the bouquets for my wedding and it was so much fun. We went to a store downtown Edmonton that sells the most beautiful silk flowers, and we put them together. The best part about having a silk wedding bouquet is you can use it for more then just your wedding day. Tess has her bouquet displayed on her coffee table in her living room!

Bouquets_06 copy

Bouquets_14 copy

Bouquets_40 copy

Bouquets_44 copy2

August063 copy

August068 copy

August065 copy

August070 copy

These next photos are done by my other friend Erin Walker Photography. These where all taken on Tess’ wedding day in mexico.







DIY Dreamcatcher

I often go to antique malls and spend hours looking at all the old treasures. The last time I was at an antique mall, I saw a dreamcatcher that was made with a doily and some ribbon. And we all know how much I love doilies from this post, Doilies make my heart happy! So I gathered up my art supplies that would work for this project and went out and bought some feathers!

August040 copy

August042 copy

August048 copy

August051 copy

August054 copy

August056 copy

August084 copy

I hung it in one of the spare bedrooms on the wall when you first walk in!

August090 copy

August094 copy

I tried to use some feminine colors to brighten up the bedroom! Pretty cute, right?