Mini Stocking!

Steven and I have two super cute burlap stockings that I ordered off an etsy site a few years ago. Since then the shop has stopped making the same stockings so I couldn’t order one for Hendrix. One of my friends was out shopping and saw a mini burlap stocking and thought I could do something with it to make it Hendrix’s. It was a little girly with the flower and tassel, and it hung the opposite way that our stockings hang.
November444 copyNovember446 copy

I took of the flower and tassel and moved where the brown strap is to hang it going the right way. I had some left over pom pons from my trailer curtains and thought they would go nice on the stocking. December106 copy December107 copy

I used cardboard to cut out an “H” and then wrapped it with twin. It is now hanging beside the big stockings and looks adorable! December108 copy December110 copy December112 copy December117 copy December124 copy