Nursery Progress

We have made some great progress with the nursery over the last few weeks! My friend Leah painted us the most beautiful canvas of a deers head that we put on the wall right by the door.

December001 copy

My good friend Niela gave us this amazing unit to put on our wall that we still need to hang! I can’t wait to find lots of treasures to put in it! So far I have a globe, clock, mason jar, and a candle. Steve found a classic old school skateboard at the antique mall, and my antlers came from my neighbour. On top of the dresser we will put a change pad which will take up most of the space, but for now I just have everything sitting on top of it.

December014 copy

December017 copy

December018 copy

December019 copy

December022 copy

My mom and I went to West Coast Kids and found the most beautiful glider/reclining chair. I am in LOVE! It is the perfect color, and the perfect amount of comfy.

December003 copy

December002 copy

December027 copy

This weekend while I was working at the salon, Steven and my brother-in-law were busy putting a wood wall up in the nursery. A few days earlier we went and got really thin pieces of pine, and three different stain colors. Steven stained them a few days before he put them up on the wall behind the crib.

December007 copy

December009 copy

December010 copy

December012 copy

December005 copy

December025 copyThe best part about this wall is that it was all under $90 dollars!

House Tour // Man Cave

Over the next few weeks I am going to show you each level of our house! We will start it off with our basement that is Steve’s man cave.  I don’t blame him for wanting to have an area that he wanted to design himself, the rest of our house is fairly girly. He is super into music so he has a record player and records hung on the wall in the living room.

Oct008 copy

Oct010 copy

Oct011 copy

Oct013 copy

Oct014 copy

This coffee table is just from Ikea, I re-finished the top of it by just buying wood and staining it. I banged it up a little bit so that it looks more rustic and just wood glued it on.

Oct015 copy

Oct016 copy

Oct018 copy

This is the bathroom, that I decorated. Steve wants to change “bath” into “batman.” Needless to say we are not changing it.

Oct020 copy

Oct021 copy

Oct022 copy

Oct023 copy

This is the bedroom, but he has it set up as a music room. We got it sound proofed when we finished the basement so I don’t have to listen to drums all evening.

Oct025 copy

Oct026 copy

Oct027 copy