Fashion Friday // Maternity Style

We went to Jasper on saturday, so the boys could snowboard. Chelsea and I shopped around the town, and went for a nice walk around the lake, and of course took photos of my outfit. I have found it a little more difficult dressing with a belly. Lots of things I think will look cute I put on and immediately take it off because I feel like it looks funny! This dress is SO stretchy it makes it easy and comfortable to wear while pregnant. March004 copyMarch012 copyMarch001 copy March005 copy March006 copyMarch013 copy March016 copy March024 copy

Shoes: Sam Edelman Dress: Antistar Denim Vest: Top Shop Sweater: Target Lip Stick: Rebel by MAC

Lip Colors

February050 copyFebruary053 copyFebruary054 copy

I decided to do a post on a few of my favourite MAC lip colours. When I say a few, I mean I really had to narrow it down. I have over 30 lipsticks from MAC and I narrowed it down to my 5 most worn colours. 

“Creme de Nude”

This is my all time favourite nude lipstick. It has a shine to it so you don’t need to apply a gloss, and doesn’t fully wash out your lips! 

February003 copy February010 copy


If nude lipstick isn’t your thing, but you like a light pale pink Angel is the one to go for!

February011 copy February015 copy

“MAC Red” 

The name of the lipstick pretty much sums it up. If you are looking for a true red lip colour, MAC red is beautiful.

February022 copy February024 copy


Dark plum purple is usually my colour of choice when going out. It can pull a whole look together just by putting on a lipstick. 

February035 copy


This one is similar to Rebel but it is a little bit darker and little less purple. I couldn’t decide between the two because I love them both so much! 

February037 copyFebruary055 copy February059 copy