Happy 2nd Birthday!

Our sweet little boy turned 2! How did that happen? The day before his birthday we had a little birthday party for him with our families. We made brunch, opened presents and had cupcakes.

Hendrix, you are the light of my life and I can’t imagine my life without you in it. Thank you for making me a mommy.

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My mom with all her grandchildren. Isn’t she lucky!
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He is extremely afraid of fire, so this was like torture! April531 copy April540 copy

Baby #2

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Hello loves! I am so excited and happy to announce we are having another baby in the beginning of October! I’m sorry I have been so non-existent lately but to be honest I have not been feeling good at all. Any spare time I have I’m either napping or trying not to puke 🙂 Now that I’m almost 15 weeks I’m starting to feel better so hopefully I will be back more often!

Here is a 11.5 week ultrasound photo of our new little baby that we are so excited to meet.11.4 weeks

Cutest little helmet

First of all, thank you to everyone who entered the LitLettering personalized stamp giveaway! The lucky lady who won already had her stamp designed and it should be in the mail any day now.

Anyways, our little man is obsessed with anything hockey related. He has a hockey book and points at the skates then at his feet, points at their helmets and then points to his head. My sister-in-law gave Hendrix a hockey helmet for him to wear and it has not come off since. From the moment he wakes up until the moment he goes down for a nap his helmet is on his head.

Naturally Steve wants him to learn how to skate and he knew Hendrix would have a blast. So he took him out skating one night while I was out with friends, and I so badly wanted photos. Apparently Hendrix was slipping around so much Steve needed both hands on him at all times. So we decided to take him again (yay for free under 2!) and he did so good.

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And this photo.. because its hilarious. December1160 copy

Happy Halloween

Before we took Hendrix and the triplets out to trick-or-treat we wanted to get some photos of their outfits. The three little piggies and the big bad wolf! I bought little boots for Hendrix that where all fur and could have been perfect for his outfit, but I didn’t try them on him until Halloween and they where to small. Dang. When we first put on Hendrix’ costume he hated it and wanted it off immediately, and all three of the babies where crying and grumpy. We thought there was no way we would get a photo. But then we took them outside and all four where surprisingly happy.

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Emiliano, Cruz, Leo
October254 copy

Poor Leo getting attacked by Hendrix, thank goodness they are used to it.
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I have been so busy with moving all of our things into our new house I have neglected to take photos of Hendrix. So the other day I took him outside to splash in the puddles and made sure to bring my camera. It is so fun watching him discover things like rain for the first time. September075September062 September066
September079 September082 September088


I always have a long list of things that need to get put away, washed, changed or cleaned up. But today I wanted to be different, I spent the whole day just having fun with Hendrix. Life has been flying at a rapid pace lately and I am not liking it. It’s always nice to take a step back, really watch and enjoy my son and enjoy all the growing he has done.
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Ol McDonalds

We are trying to use our trailer as much as we can right now because we have wedding the next two weekends and then we are moving in the middle of July. It is going to be a busy summer but we are trying to squeeze all the camping in we can. Only an hour and a half away is Ol MacDonalds farm so we decided to go there for a few days. Hendrix loved the animals, roasting marshmallows and all the fun playgrounds. The first day was so hot we had to go in the lake to cool down and the second day was so cold we needed to wear jackets and toques!

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