Kelowna 2015

We just got home from an amazing trip to Kelowna! It probably would have been an easier trip if we weren’t on an evacuation notice the whole time due to a fire 5km away from our house which caused us to have no power for the week but it was still such an amazing time. We went to the beach every day, went to an apple orchard, did some shopping, and went on a hike to see a waterfall.
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Our New Home

I have had lots of people asking what our new house will look like so its time for an update! It is currently being dry wall taped and is supposed to be done some time in September. The new house is around 1,000 square feet bigger than our current home and it is on a pie shaped lot so our back yard is nice and big! The main floor is very open with a flex room right by the front door, upstairs has 4 bedrooms with a bonus room.

Floor plan for the main floor:

Floor plan for upstairs:

Images: Landmark

These are the colors I chose for the outside of our home. The grey color to the bottom right is our siding color, the white on the left is our trim color, and the blue on the right that is touching the grey and white will be the colour of the door.

And this is a close up of the rock that goes around our garage as well as our fireplace in the living room.


This is the progress of the outside. The trim around the windows still needs to be made white but other than that it is finished. IMG_0781 IMG_0792IMG_0794IMG_0809

For the kitchen we are going for a bright, clean and airy feel. We decided on white cabinets, white subway tile for a backsplash with darker grout, light white/grey granite and gold hardware. Here where my inspiration photos:

Image:Apartment Therapy


Image: Design Sponge



We chose these gold cup pulls for all the drawers in the kitchen and knobs for all the cupboard doors.

IMG_0775IMG_0774In our washroom upstairs the spare bathroom will have white cabinets but in the master bathroom we wanted a grey cabinet so we picked this colour below. The granite will be the same as the photos below for both the bathrooms upstairs.

The tile that will be in the back entry just off of the garage and in our bathrooms will be this medium grey tone.


This is a photo of our hardwood colour and our carpet is the lower square of carpet.

Our new wall colour is called Smoky and this is it held up to our current wall colour. Similar just lighter.IMG_0771 IMG_0773

That’s all for now! I will keep you updated, hopefully the cupboards and fun stuff start going in soon!

DIY Teepee

There are so many DIY tutorials on lots of blogs and I read a few of them before I started our teepee. But to be honest I pretty much just winged it. One of my friends really wanted to make one for her daughter so we got together a few nights while the kids where in bed and got it done! I went with copper pipes for the base of the teepee and then a thicker canvas type fabric. I got the 5 copper pipes from Home depot and I drilled a hole in each one about a foot from the top. Then I put twine through each one of the holes and tied it as tight as I could. After that I spread out the copper pipes to be the size of teepee I wanted. I then took the fabric and draped it around the copper pipes to figure out where I would need to sew to get it to stay on. Sewing took hardly any time at all because all I need to do was sew about 1 foot at the top and then I hemmed the bottom.
June001 copy June003 copy

You can see the holes I drilled through the copper hereJune004 copy June006 copy June008 copy June013 copyJune020 copy

Yoga baby in his teepee!June018 copyDeer Pillow: Society6 Sheepskin:sheepskinstuff Dreamcatcher: Garage sale

Karly’s Bachlorette!

Last weekend some of my girlfriends got together to celebrate one of my best friends! We went to Banff to have her Bachlorette weekend! We went horse back riding, took a gondola ride up to the top of a mountain, went in the hot springs and got our dirty dancing on, in the best dance bars Banff had to offer.

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Beer drinking on the mountain top.

May419 copyMay412 copy

Selfie stick!

May444 copyMay450 copy

The bride with her bridesmaids. May456 copy

Here we are all ready to go out
May507 copy2

We took before and after photos. Before we went out looking all pretty and the next morning.. prepare yourself… May469 copyMay547 copyMay493 copyMay525 copyMay485 copy May539 copyMay478 copyMay556 copyMay477 copyMay565 copy May475 copyMay570 copy May472 copyMay577 copy May470 copyMay540 copyMay466 copyMay578 copy May465 copyMay538 copyMay484 copyMay560 copy

And these photos just for fun 🙂 May559 copyMay554 copyMay569 copyMay543 copy

Triplets Nursery

I have had so many people ask me what my sister has done for her boy’s room. So here it is! The spare bedrooms were too small to fit three cribs, a rocking chair and a change table. What they ended up doing was changing the master bedroom into the babies room, and their room is now in one of the spare bedroom.

In the master bedroom there are three cribs and two chairs for feedings. While she nurses two of the babies, someone (usually my mom or her husband) sits in the chair besides her and gives the third baby a bottle that she has pumped for them. My sister is amazing, she is breastfeeding THREE babies! Anyways, there wasn’t another wall that she could put a change table on because one wall in their bedroom has closet doors and the other wall has the door into the bathroom. She ended up putting the change table just outside of the bedroom door because there is a little landing.

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Spring has sprung

My house feels so much happier with the three plants I added. I have had plants in my home before, and I have always eventually killed them. This time I’m determined that they will last longer then 6 months. Lets see how it goes, wish me luck!
IMG_0002IMG_0008 IMG_0003IMG_0005IMG_0001IMG_0007IMG_0004 IMG_0006

I also read this post the other day that explains which plants improve the quality of the air in your home. So naturally I wanted all of them. For now I will try and keep these three alive and go from there!

Quinoa Bites

I have been making all my own baby food for Hendrix since he started eating solid food. We chose to do baby led weaning from day one which meant it was nice to have some softer healthy foods in the freezer that we could just pull out in the morning and put in the diaper bag. I made these quinoa bites a few months ago and have had endless amounts of mommies asking me for the recipe. I am not much of a cook so it is shocking I am making a post on food so bare with me!

You will need:

2 cups cooked Quinoa

1/2 cup Cheese

1/4 cup Baby oatmeal


Spinach February 380 copy February 382 copy February 383 copy February 385 copy

1. Make the quinoa as directed on the packaging.

2. While the quinoa is cooking I pureed spinach and kale together.

3. Once the quinoa is cooked and ready add in cheese, baby oatmeal (acts as bread crumbs but adds extra iron), kale and spinach.

4. Mix all together and make them into small patties.

5. Fry them on each side just so they stick together and don’t fall apart.

6. Let them sit until they are cool enough to put into a ziplock bag into the freezer.

February 390 copy

Babies LOVE these and they are amazing because they are packed full of nutrients and you don’t have to worry about keeping them refrigerated if you are out.