Hendrix’s Bedroom

This post is LONG overdue. I’ve had tons of people asking to see photos of Hendrix’s room complete, but majority of the time people want to know exactly how we did the wood wall. I love how the room turned out masculine, industrial, neutral but hints that it’s still in fact a kid’s bedroom (thanks for the unsightly iron man picture Uncle Edgardo.. which Hendrix LOVES by the way.)

I am going to be brutally honest and say I wasn’t planning on doing a blog post for his bedroom so I didn’t take photos of any of the prep work, paint, nails or the stains that we used to create the space. I will try to link as much as I can!

The very first thing we did to his room was the wood wall. We went to Rona and got some thin sheets of pine. It was in a bundle of 6 sheets of wood for 6 dollars. (see this is where I wish I had a photo of the wood we used because it’s insanely cheep and still looks awesome!) Before putting the wood on the wall we painted all the wood white with two coats of paint. I was going to leave it at that but then I decided I wanted a little bit of depth or texture to it to show that it was wood and not just a painted white wall. We went back to the store and picked up a grey stain and a warm brown stain. I have found in the past that grey stains often turn out looking to blue or purple based so I decided to mix the grey and the warm brown stain together to cancel out the blue tones. The next thing I did is probably not the “proper” way of doing it but it worked and I liked how it turned out so that’s all that matters! I took the cloth I was going to stain the wood with and got it really wet, than I dipped just the corner of the cloth in the stain. I would put a little bit of the stain on the wood and then I would smear it out with the wet cloth so it went more translucent and not so solid-looking. That is also how I got the wood to be darker in some places then others.

Brown stain

Grey stain

After it was all painted and stained we (more like Steve) cut and nailed the wood to the wall. I watched and made sure he was staggering the wood in the right spots. I personally like the look of the nails on the end of each board because it makes it look a little bit more industrial.

I also painted and stained this Ikea dresser the exact same way I did the wall.

The other thing I have wanted to do for SO long was hang a basket ball net for him to be able to have fun while putting his dirty clothing in the laundry basket! We went to Canadian tire and bought a kids basket ball net that was attached to a plastic backboard. Steve spray painted the hoop black and made a backboard out of wood that he stained with just the brown stain that we previously used.

Letters: Anthropologie

Lamp: Ikea

Bed: Ikea Bed

Duvet Cover: Ikea Bedding

Record Player: Urban Outfitters (similar)

Bedside Table: Bouclair

Table Lamp: Home Sense Canada

Basket Ball ring: Canadian Tire

Stuffed Animals: Jellycat





Nursery Finished!

When I started Indies nursery I knew I was going to keep all of the furniture the same because I still love it and I’m cheap :). The crib, the dresser and the glider chair where all from Hendrix’s nursery so all I needed to do was some decorations. The first thing that I bought was a mirror and I had no clue where I was going to use it but I loved it so I got it. I knew I wanted a fiddle leaf fig in her room and a floral garland around her closet. My sister and I went to Michael’s and bought some silk flowers and made the garland which turned out better than I expected.

The other thing that I love in the nursery is the wall weaving my sister made for her. I told her the dimensions I wanted and that I wanted it mostly creams and little hints of a dusty pink. She hit the nail on the head because I’m obsessed with it!

The mobile above her bed I made with all the supplies from Michael’s as well. I bought embroidery rings, spray painted them gold and hung feathers from some fishing wire. 
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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


She won’t be staying in the nursery for the next 6 months or so but I am loving how it turned out. Right now we are enjoying her staying in our room but at least her room is done for when we move her.

New Shelves

I have been slowly decorating my house since we moved in. The walls around the table have felt very plain so we hung up some shelves that I can decorate. It will be so fun to decorate them according to the season, right now they have some Christmas decor on it but that will be changing VERY quickly!

November117 copy

December 525 copy copy

After: December 587 copy December 588 copy December 589 copy December 591 copy December 592 copy

The brackets we used where these from Ikea and are only $2.00. For the wood I went to home depot and got a 2×10 board and I stained it with the same stain I used for our table.

Personalized Stamp + Giveaway!

One of my friends has a beautiful etsy shop full of her handwritten work. She makes everything personalized including invitations, wall prints, and stamps. She created a name address stamp for me that I adore! These stamps make perfect christmas presents, birthday presents and house warming presents. Here is what Tara has to say about Lit Lettering :

I love type! I always have, I remember as a small child getting a personalized letterhead and envelope set and thinking it was the greatest gift -ever!. As for the info about Lit Lettering, really I am a full-time mom that loves type so much that as soon as my littles are asleep – I am with ink.  I do various mediums like modern calligraphy, brush script and digital type (transferring work to computer). In my etsy shop you will see items like custom address stamps, business logos, invitations and wall quotes. Although I am always up for a creating something custom and special, you want custom wedding invites or a designed mailbox with your last name, calligraphy christmas balls, really you name it . As for the wall quotes, these are 100% done by hand – so when people received them they are ink on cardstock that I did a couple of days ago.
All my work starts on paper, and that is really the part I love so much. Doodles turn into ideas and font characters can change.  If you want something created using type, I am your girl.
contact info: 
instagram: @Lit_Lettering or @tarabull3

November200 copyNovember203 copy November202 copy November201 copy

To enter the giveaway:

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House update 2

We move into our new house in less than a week. Yay I’m so excited! But I do have to say it will be very hard leaving my sister’s house. We have lived with my sister and her family for almost two months now, and even though it is cramped for space we love it. It is amazing being able to watch the triplets grow every day, and we can help each other out with dinner, cleaning or diaper changes.

As much as we love living with them our new house is almost ready for us to move into. Here are some photos I took on monday when we where there!

Front entry

Laundry room/ Back entry


Ensuite IMG_5353 IMG_5332 IMG_5337

Bathroom upstairs

Bonus room


Basil Lemonade

My mom has been obsessed with making basil lemonade since the summer started, and let me tell you,  it is ah-mazing. She found the recipe from the vitamix recipe book.


  • 3 cups (720 ml) water
  • 1 1/2 lemons, peeled, halved, seeded
  • 1/4 cup (50 g) sugar or other sweetener
  • 1/2 cup (20 g) fresh basil leaves
  • 1 cup (240 ml) ice cubes

July142 copyJuly157 copy July146 copy July145 copy July144 copyJuly160 copyJuly162 copyJuly167 copy

Little Mommy

When we went to Kelowna we also brought my niece Davenee who is 6 years old. She was so helpful the whole trip. Keeping him busy on the long drive, changing his diaper, feeding him food and showing him how to play with his toys. This little girl is going to make one amazing Mommy when she is older. She even told me “I want to have 100 baby girls!”
July338 copy July345 copy July348 copy July349 copy July356 copy July361 copy