Hendrix’s Bedroom

This post is LONG overdue. I’ve had tons of people asking to see photos of Hendrix’s room complete, but majority of the time people want to know exactly how we did the wood wall. I love how the room turned out masculine, industrial, neutral but hints that it’s still in fact a kid’s bedroom (thanks for the unsightly iron man picture Uncle Edgardo.. which Hendrix LOVES by the way.)

I am going to be brutally honest and say I wasn’t planning on doing a blog post for his bedroom so I didn’t take photos of any of the prep work, paint, nails or the stains that we used to create the space. I will try to link as much as I can!

The very first thing we did to his room was the wood wall. We went to Rona and got some thin sheets of pine. It was in a bundle of 6 sheets of wood for 6 dollars. (see this is where I wish I had a photo of the wood we used because it’s insanely cheep and still looks awesome!) Before putting the wood on the wall we painted all the wood white with two coats of paint. I was going to leave it at that but then I decided I wanted a little bit of depth or texture to it to show that it was wood and not just a painted white wall. We went back to the store and picked up a grey stain and a warm brown stain. I have found in the past that grey stains often turn out looking to blue or purple based so I decided to mix the grey and the warm brown stain together to cancel out the blue tones. The next thing I did is probably not the “proper” way of doing it but it worked and I liked how it turned out so that’s all that matters! I took the cloth I was going to stain the wood with and got it really wet, than I dipped just the corner of the cloth in the stain. I would put a little bit of the stain on the wood and then I would smear it out with the wet cloth so it went more translucent and not so solid-looking. That is also how I got the wood to be darker in some places then others.

Brown stain

Grey stain

After it was all painted and stained we (more like Steve) cut and nailed the wood to the wall. I watched and made sure he was staggering the wood in the right spots. I personally like the look of the nails on the end of each board because it makes it look a little bit more industrial.

I also painted and stained this Ikea dresser the exact same way I did the wall.

The other thing I have wanted to do for SO long was hang a basket ball net for him to be able to have fun while putting his dirty clothing in the laundry basket! We went to Canadian tire and bought a kids basket ball net that was attached to a plastic backboard. Steve spray painted the hoop black and made a backboard out of wood that he stained with just the brown stain that we previously used.

Letters: Anthropologie

Lamp: Ikea

Bed: Ikea Bed

Duvet Cover: Ikea Bedding

Record Player: Urban Outfitters (similar)

Bedside Table: Bouclair

Table Lamp: Home Sense Canada

Basket Ball ring: Canadian Tire

Stuffed Animals: Jellycat





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