Indie’s Newborn Photos

My good friend Kaitlyne came over when Indie was 10 days old and got some of my favourite photos ever! Hendrix loves his baby sister so much that it was pretty easy to get photos of the two of them. She would ask him to kiss her head and 20 kisses later she had gotten LOTS of photos! Thank you Greentee Photography for capturing such a special time in our lives. img_5637_2-copyimg_5667-2img_5696-2-copyimg_5657-2img_5724_2-copyimg_5721-2img_5699_2img_5758_2-boughtimg_5804-2 img_6245 img_6240-copy img_6192 img_6184-copy img_6177 img_6152 img_6137 img_6133 img_6075 img_6060 img_6018 img_6003-copy img_5983 img_5917 img_5904 img_5896 img_5879-2 img_5819_2 img_5816_2img_6251img_6288

Indie Blanket: Jenniferannstyle

Pink bow headband: Lovedbysophiaclaire

Floral swaddle blanket: Little Unicorn Official

Pink Knot headband: You and me littles

Floral bow headband: Hello Kait

Indies Cream dress: Kicked Pants

Pink Sleeper: Lovedbaby

Cream Chevron Dress: Free People

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