Baby Girl

Ultrasound photos of her at 19 weeks. Image01Image02

We started decorating the nursery a few months ago but I just took some photos of her room the other day! My sister and I made a floral garland to go over her closet door, and all of the furniture is just what we had from when Hendrix was in the nursery.

september004-copy september005-copy september006-copy september009-copy september010-copy september011-copy september012-copy

I have officially started packing her hospital bag too! Here are a few things I have pulled out to put in the diaper bag!


Pillow: Urban Outfitters

Crib Sheet: Little Unicorn Official

Swaddle blankets: Little Unicorn Official

Quilt: Anthropologie

Sleeper: Loved Baby

Pouf: Homesence

She will be here in 4 short weeks and we can’t wait!

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