This life

How did I ever get so lucky to live this life with such a special boy in it. I love these photos Greentee Photography¬†took of us because it really shows how cuddly Hendrix is. I mean, don’t get me wrong he does have his crazy monkey moments and times where he doesn’t listen at all. But deep down he is so tender and loving, and it has been so fun to watch it come out.
If I ever hurt myself he comes up and says “sorry mommy!” and give me a kiss. If he sees a baby crying he will bring them a toy and give them a soother. It makes me so happy to call him my little boy.

IMG_5104IMG_5099 copy IMG_5124 IMG_5151 IMG_5178 IMG_5245 IMG_5267. IMG_5304 IMG_5356 copy IMG_5377