Happy 2nd Birthday!

Our sweet little boy turned 2! How did that happen? The day before his birthday we had a little birthday party for him with our families. We made brunch, opened presents and had cupcakes.

Hendrix, you are the light of my life and I can’t imagine my life without you in it. Thank you for making me a mommy.

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My mom with all her grandchildren. Isn’t she lucky!
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He is extremely afraid of fire, so this was like torture! April531 copy April540 copy

Baby #2

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Hello loves! I am so excited and happy to announce we are having another baby in the beginning of October! I’m sorry I have been so non-existent lately but to be honest I have not been feeling good at all. Any spare time I have I’m either napping or trying not to puke 🙂 Now that I’m almost 15 weeks I’m starting to feel better so hopefully I will be back more often!

Here is a 11.5 week ultrasound photo of our new little baby that we are so excited to meet.11.4 weeks