Cutest little helmet

First of all, thank you to everyone who entered the LitLettering personalized stamp giveaway! The lucky lady who won already had her stamp designed and it should be in the mail any day now.

Anyways, our little man is obsessed with anything hockey related. He has a hockey book and points at the skates then at his feet, points at their helmets and then points to his head. My sister-in-law gave Hendrix a hockey helmet for him to wear and it has not come off since. From the moment he wakes up until the moment he goes down for a nap his helmet is on his head.

Naturally Steve wants him to learn how to skate and he knew Hendrix would have a blast. So he took him out skating one night while I was out with friends, and I so badly wanted photos. Apparently Hendrix was slipping around so much Steve needed both hands on him at all times. So we decided to take him again (yay for free under 2!) and he did so good.

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December1326 copy

December1159 copy

And this photo.. because its hilarious. December1160 copy