Personalized Stamp + Giveaway!

One of my friends has a beautiful etsy shop full of her handwritten work. She makes everything personalized including invitations, wall prints, and stamps. She created a name address stamp for me that I adore! These stamps make perfect christmas presents, birthday presents and house warming presents. Here is what Tara has to say about Lit Lettering :

I love type! I always have, I remember as a small child getting a personalized letterhead and envelope set and thinking it was the greatest gift -ever!. As for the info about Lit Lettering, really I am a full-time mom that loves type so much that as soon as my littles are asleep – I am with ink.  I do various mediums like modern calligraphy, brush script and digital type (transferring work to computer). In my etsy shop you will see items like custom address stamps, business logos, invitations and wall quotes. Although I am always up for a creating something custom and special, you want custom wedding invites or a designed mailbox with your last name, calligraphy christmas balls, really you name it . As for the wall quotes, these are 100% done by hand – so when people received them they are ink on cardstock that I did a couple of days ago.
All my work starts on paper, and that is really the part I love so much. Doodles turn into ideas and font characters can change.  If you want something created using type, I am your girl.
contact info: 
instagram: @Lit_Lettering or @tarabull3

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Happy Halloween

Before we took Hendrix and the triplets out to trick-or-treat we wanted to get some photos of their outfits. The three little piggies and the big bad wolf! I bought little boots for Hendrix that where all fur and could have been perfect for his outfit, but I didn’t try them on him until Halloween and they where to small. Dang. When we first put on Hendrix’ costume he hated it and wanted it off immediately, and all three of the babies where crying and grumpy. We thought there was no way we would get a photo. But then we took them outside and all four where surprisingly happy.

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Emiliano, Cruz, Leo
October254 copy

Poor Leo getting attacked by Hendrix, thank goodness they are used to it.
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