DIY Teepee

There are so many DIY tutorials on lots of blogs and I read a few of them before I started our teepee. But to be honest I pretty much just winged it. One of my friends really wanted to make one for her daughter so we got together a few nights while the kids where in bed and got it done! I went with copper pipes for the base of the teepee and then a thicker canvas type fabric. I got the 5 copper pipes from Home depot and I drilled a hole in each one about a foot from the top. Then I put twine through each one of the holes and tied it as tight as I could. After that I spread out the copper pipes to be the size of teepee I wanted. I then took the fabric and draped it around the copper pipes to figure out where I would need to sew to get it to stay on. Sewing took hardly any time at all because all I need to do was sew about 1 foot at the top and then I hemmed the bottom.
June001 copy June003 copy

You can see the holes I drilled through the copper hereJune004 copy June006 copy June008 copy June013 copyJune020 copy

Yoga baby in his teepee!June018 copyDeer Pillow: Society6 Sheepskin:sheepskinstuff Dreamcatcher: Garage sale

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