Triplets Nursery

I have had so many people ask me what my sister has done for her boy’s room. So here it is! The spare bedrooms were too small to fit three cribs, a rocking chair and a change table. What they ended up doing was changing the master bedroom into the babies room, and their room is now in one of the spare bedroom.

In the master bedroom there are three cribs and two chairs for feedings. While she nurses two of the babies, someone (usually my mom or her husband) sits in the chair besides her and gives the third baby a bottle that she has pumped for them. My sister is amazing, she is breastfeeding THREE babies! Anyways, there wasn’t another wall that she could put a change table on because one wall in their bedroom has closet doors and the other wall has the door into the bathroom. She ended up putting the change table just outside of the bedroom door because there is a little landing.

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