Spring has sprung

My house feels so much happier with the three plants I added. I have had plants in my home before, and I have always eventually killed them. This time I’m determined that they will last longer then 6 months. Lets see how it goes, wish me luck!
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I also read this post the other day that explains which plants improve the quality of the air in your home. So naturally I wanted all of them. For now I will try and keep these three alive and go from there!

11 Months!

This post is a little late, my computer was having issues so I haven’t been able to post in over a week.

Hendrix learnt so much this month. He learnt how to wave, give high fives, blow kisses, and give a kisses and hugs. He weighs 21 pounds and is so close to walking, he even took two steps. His favourite thing to do around other babies is try to give them kisses. As cute as it is the other babies usually get scared! He also had his first valentines day “date” with one of my good friends 🙂
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Auntie 3 times over

On February 19th 2015, my sister gave birth to 3 beautiful baby boys. I became and Auntie to three babies within minutes. The boys are doing so well in the NICU, they need to gain a little bit more weight and learn now to suck enough to fully sustain themselves until they can come home. Right now they have a feeding tube in their noses down into their tummies to get enough milk.

Cruz Tiago, Leonardo Esteban, Emiliano Alexander

The top photos where taken from Greentee Photography.

February 395 copy February 396 copy February 403 copy February 409 copy February 417 copyFebruary 715 copy February 437 copy February 585 copy February 703 copy2

I can not wait to see the relationship that grows between them and Hendrix!

The love I feel for these boys is intense.