Painted Antlers

I have antlers on a side table by my front door. I love where they are but everything in that corner was cream/beige. It needed some colour. A napping baby means I can bring out my paint and add a little life to the coffee table.

January415 copy

Ps. You know you’re Canadian when you use you’re hockey tape to help paint deer antlers. And yes, I do have pink hockey tape for my hockey stick.  January420 copyJanuary424 copyJanuary429 copyJanuary432 copy

Coffee table and antlers before:

January004 copy

Coffee table and antlers after:
January434 copyJanuary435 copyJanuary436 copy

DIY Soother Clip

If you haven’t noticed already I am not a huge fan of everything Hendrix wears to scream “boy.” I tend to keep away from baby blue outfits or trucks all over the place. And a pacifier clip is no exception. Almost every one I found was to bright or tacky, so I decided I would make him one. I went to Micheal’s and got a dark brown suede string and put a loop on one end to attach to the soother, then I  braided the suede string to an older soother clip I already had.
December411 copy December413 copy December414 copy December418 copyJanuary330 copy

9 Months Old

This month was so special because it was our babies first Christmas! It was so much fun he loved to open presents but didn’t like santa one bit! He got a walking toy for christmas and loves to push it and walk around. He has his first New Years Eve party but was feeling very sick that night. He ended up having croup and we took him to the walk in clinic at the hospital. He is just starting to feel better now, thank goodness! December074 copy copyDecember227 copy December198 copyDecember237 copyDecember233 copyDecember248 copy December277 copy December297 copy December303 copy December326 copyIMG_9437 December354 copy December376 copy December378 copy December387 copy December393 copy IMG_8280IMG_8360IMG_8476IMG_8606IMG_8611IMG_8738IMG_8928IMG_8987IMG_9037IMG_9279IMG_9470


“What? not every hangs out with a massive piece of cucumber in their mouth?”IMG_9574IMG_9690IMG_9767IMG_9770IMG_9911IMG_9923IMG_9927IMG_0044IMG_0149IMG_0236IMG_0224