6 Months old!

Hendrix Leo, how the heck are you half a year old already!

He has learnt how to sit on his own, and is getting frustrated that he can’t crawl yet! IMG_5074 IMG_4902 IMG_4897 IMG_4895 IMG_4802 IMG_4754 IMG_4714 IMG_4576 IMG_4517 IMG_4495 IMG_4460 IMG_4457 IMG_4433 IMG_4398 IMG_4278 IMG_4268Septmeber112 copy IMG_4153Septmeber484 copy Septmeber462 copy Septmeber359 copy Septmeber352 copy Septmeber346 copy Septmeber289 copy Septmeber280 copy Septmeber279 copy Septmeber265 copy Septmeber232 copy Septmeber198 copyIMG_4128 Septmeber165 copy Septmeber159 copySeptmeber092 copy Septmeber088 copy

Our monthly photos on the chair are getting much more challenging!
Septmeber010 copy Septmeber002 copy Septmeber001 copy IMG_4906 copyIMG_5147

4 thoughts on “6 Months old!

  1. He’s looking like such a big boy now – I can’t believe it, I swear I just saw your post on his birth a few weeks ago. You’re a great mommy for capturing so many of his memories in pictures, these little kids grow up way too fast!

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