Trailer Update 2

YOU GUYS!!! We have gotten so much done on our trailer and it’s looking awesome! Last post I wrote “I still have to sew new curtains, flooring, paint all the green, hang up a mirror/pictures, paint the outside, put the cupboards back on, and find some cute throw pillows!”

Sew curtains- DONE

Flooring/pictures- trying to find stuff we like

Paint the outside- we have it sanded now we just have to paint it

Paint all the green- DONE

Put the cupboards back on- DONE

Throw pillows- DONE

Oh, I still have to put the furnace cover on too.

Here are some photos of it without the curtains hung up yet! I painted all of the green a light purple. The table has been taken off to paint and lay the flooring. IMG_3795IMG_3794

August354 copyAugust356 copy copyIMG_3796August361 copyIMG_3795


And just to refresh your memory of this beauty before I got my hands on it! IMG_4095

And here is a little preview of the curtains..

7 thoughts on “Trailer Update 2

  1. Looks great! What kind of paint did you use for the insulation walls? I am renovating my ’76 Trillium and would like to do the same on the walls. It’s now a cream color and I’d like them nice and white like yours. Also, you did a great job on the cushions I’m dreading that task!

    • I used a paint called “Advance” from Benjamin Moore. It works really well I used a roller and did two coats and it is not coming off! Its the same paint I used for the cabinets and to clean it soap and water is all you need!
      The cushions where by far the hardest thing of this whole renovation! It took my mom and I two full days, but it makes a HUGE difference!

  2. I love it and am so inspired to go for a similar look in the trillium we just bought! Did you use the advance paint for the purple color too? And do you mind sharing the name of the purple color you used?

    • yup I used the same advance paint! To be honest I don’t remember the name of it! I wish I had it for you but I just picked a really really soft purple because once it is on a bigger surface it looks more purple then the swatch

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