Family Vaca

We just got back a few days ago from an epic family vacation! We were going to Kelowna for a wedding but decided to go a week early and make a trip out of it!

First we left from Edmonton and went to Jasper to break up the long drive. We stayed at the Jasper Park Lodge which is so beautiful we didn’t even go into the town of Jasper. We had dinner, went in the pool and went for a nice long walk while Hendrix was sleeping. On our walk there was a fire-place set up with S’mores out for people to make!
IMG_3297IMG_3295August066 copy August087 copyIMG_3239 August092 copy August094 copy August099 copy August100 copy August102 copy August105 copy August109 copy August110 copy IMG_3252August113 copy August118 copyIMG_3302 August123 copy

The following morning we got up and started the drive to Vernon. We were staying with friends of ours that live there that have a baby girl who is two months older than Hendrix. They showed us around the town and we went to the beach as much as we could.
IMG_3294IMG_3304IMG_3644August126 copyAugust127 copy August135 copy August144 copy August166 copy August172 copy August179 copy August191 copyIMG_3319IMG_3344IMG_3404IMG_3415August204 copyAugust208 copy

Once we left Vernon we went to Kelowna the day before the wedding. There was a meet and greet the first night and the wedding the following day.
August231 copyAugust238 copyAugust239 copyIMG_3642IMG_3641IMG_3640IMG_3444August241 copyAugust243 copy

On our way home we went straight from Kelowna to Calgary and stopped for a quick dinner with some friends who recently moved there. Hendrix started falling asleep when dinner was almost done so we quickly got in the car and took advantage of the travel time while he was sleeping.

IMG_3637Almost 10 hours in the car  and we still had a happy baby! IMG_3467



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