The things I have learned…

There are a few things that since I have had my baby I would do differently, or even change my thought process on.

1. Keep diapers on every floor of your house. We have some in his bedroom upstairs, in the living room on the main floor, and in the living room in the basement. It is so nice to not have to walk up three flights of stairs to change a dirty diaper, which happens ALL the time.

2. Your life will slow down a lot. When I first had him I was so used to being busy, working usually more than full-time hours, spending time with friends, and trying to get groceries/house work done. Since Hendrix my life has slowed down substantially, and at first it was hard for me being home so often. Every day I felt like I needed to do something or to go somewhere, but now I love those quiet moments or days that I get with Hendrix because I get to cherish every moment. It is so nice to be able to get everything around the house done, spend time with Hendrix and even see my friends.

3. Use baby carriers. I love using a wrap to carry Hendrix around in. He is so comfy and falls asleep on my chest so easily! We only really started using it lots over the past two months but if I where to do it all over again I would wear him in a wrap WAY more often. The main reasons why I like wearing my baby is because it is convenient to have your hands free, random people won’t touch your baby, and babies are so happy being held close to their mom. Here are 10 other reasons to wear your baby.

4. Do patterns or dark colours! For many things baby related it is nice to go patterned/dark but since we are on the topic of wearing your baby I recently got the Solly Baby Wrap which I love but I got it in the light mint colour. Hendrix likes to put his mouth on the fabric and you can see the big wet marks! I would either get a pattern or darker colour this time around so that his drool or anything else doesn’t show up and make it look dirty.

 5. Let them be comfy. I have so many cute outfits that aren’t stretchy and I feel so bad having him in them that I hardly ever use them! Stretchy and comfy clothing for babies is key. Especially for newborns you want to keep them in sleepers, onesies, and sweat jeans! I have found that for girls there are more options for cute and comfy clothing (leggings and dresses). The best alternative for baby boy jeans are these sweat jeans from the Gap.

6. Babies can get used to almost anything. I wanted a baby so badly, but I still wanted to be able to do so many things. One of my friends told me “I had a baby to fit into my life and my lifestyle.” Which I think is so true, babies (especially at the beginning) are so easy to bring around wherever you go. Of course there are things that will change and you might not do as many things but that is okay because you love spending time with your baby. But for the most part since day one I have tried taking him out lots, making him sleep in my friends houses, and gotten used to not being at home every night at 7:00pm so that he can be used to not only sleeping in our home.

7. Enjoy the moment. People will tell you how big your baby is getting all the time. Because babies grow very fast and people don’t get to see them every day like you do. When I look back on photos when I thought how “big” he was I now think he was so little! I know in a years time I will look back on the photos of him now and think of how little he is. So for now I am trying to enjoy him right now!

8. Get a diaper clutch! I have this diaper clutch from etsy and I am so glad I purchased it. It holds the diaper and wipes and has a change pad in it. I love having it whenever we go places because it is all conveniently in one place so that’s all you need to grab and you never have to change your baby on a gross bathroom change table. Also the amount of public washroom that don’t have a change pad and only a counter is ridiculous. Good thing I have a change pad with me everywhere I go 😉

9. You will question everything. Is he too hot/cold? Is he hungry or tired? Does he need a diaper change? You will get used to asking yourself questions over and over again. I don’t know if I just got used to it or if I have gotten better at not second guessing myself. Either way I know he is going to be okay in the long run.

10. Buy snacks. When we came home from the hospital my friend brought us a big back of food that we could just quickly grab and eat. Not have to heat it up or prepare anything and it was so nice. We had lots of visitors and sometimes didn’t have time to sit down and have a full meal so it was nice to have small things ready to eat.

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