One Month Old!

Yesterday marked a month since Hendrix has been in our lives. I never realized how hard it would be for me to see my baby growing this fast. A month goes by so fast and our little boy has changed to much already. He is holding his head up very well, everyone can’t believe how strong and sturdy he is. At his two week appointment he was 8 pounds 14 ounces so he is getting bigger, but not out of newborn clothing yet! We are so blessed with how he sleeps at night, usually 5 hour stints!

As much as I am excited for the future, I wish I could press pause on life right now. I want to cherish these cuddly moments with my son. These days have been the best days of my life so far.

These photos are some of the ones I have taken of his life so far. April222 copy April224 copy April227 copy April235 copy April241 copy April245 copy

IMG_0656 April252 copyApril254 copy

First doctor appointment at two weeks old.


For the first two weeks he didn’t like the bath but he is warming up to it now! 
April269 copy April272 copy

2014 Easter weekend!
April291 copy April295 copy April299 copyIMG_0825 April310 copy April311 copy

Steven’s Opa just adores himApril319 copy April322 copy
April325 copy

His favourite place to sleep by far!IMG_0862IMG_0661
IMG_0972April327 copy
April342 copy
April347 copy April359 copy April365 copyMay003 copy May072 copy

One month old and finally likes having a bath!
May095 copy May101 copyMay106 copy

May082 copy May084 copy May088 copy

One of my good friends daughters Rowyn and Hendrix! Rowyn was born two days before Hendrix. IMG_1228IMG_1219IMG_1215IMG_1206IMG_1197
IMG_1188    IMG_1187IMG_1186


He grabbed onto his owl all by himself, Steve was so proud of him. Funny how these little things bring such joy.


His face while getting burped always looks so concerned. 

Tough life!

And she loved a little boy very, very much – even more than she loved herself.

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