DIY Distressed Denim

I have owned these jeans for over 4 years. I wore them all the time, then couldn’t wear them while I was pregnant. Now that I can wear them again I wanted to do something to them to make them feel new again! The back pockets where already starting to look worn in so I distressed them even more.

April330 copy

April331 copy
I put a piece of cardboard in-between the two pieces of denim so that only the front would get cut. I put slits in the knees, on the pocket hole, and some on the back pockets and then washed them and dried them.

April333 copy

April336 copy April337 copy
April334 copy

April360 copy April361 copy

New jeans without spending any money!


Hendrix Leo

April 4th, 2014. The greatest day of our lives! We welcomed our little 7 pound 8 ounce baby boy into the world.

My last maternity photos at 41 weeks

41-apri1 41-aprilll1

The first photos we have of Hendrix! He was born at 2:20 am so everyone looks pretty tired!

April004 copyApril005 copyApril017 copyApril022 copyApril038 copyApril076 copyIMG_0456IMG_0374

Steven with his parents.
April077 copy

Our first family photos! April081 copyApril082 copyApril083 copy

Once everyone had some sleep my family and some friends came back to the hospital at a reasonable time to spend more time with him. Davenee my niece is in LOVE with him. She wants to be holding him at all times, it makes my heart want to burst. April096 copyApril102 copyApril103 copyApril108 copy
April110 copy

Bringing him home!
April117 copyApril125 copyApril131 copyApril154 copy
April156 copy

April165 copy

April176 copyApril192 copyApril201 copyApril210 copyApril212 copy

I can’t believe my baby boy is already 1 week old!