Fashion Friday // Maternity Style

We went to Jasper on saturday, so the boys could snowboard. Chelsea and I shopped around the town, and went for a nice walk around the lake, and of course took photos of my outfit. I have found it a little more difficult dressing with a belly. Lots of things I think will look cute I put on and immediately take it off because I feel like it looks funny! This dress is SO stretchy it makes it easy and comfortable to wear while pregnant. March004 copyMarch012 copyMarch001 copy March005 copy March006 copyMarch013 copy March016 copy March024 copy

Shoes: Sam Edelman Dress: Antistar Denim Vest: Top Shop Sweater: Target Lip Stick: Rebel by MAC

Diaper Bag

After we packed our hospital bag we got together everything we thought the baby would need and put it in the diaper bag!

March092 copy

I ordered our diaper bag from OIOI and I am absolutely in love with it! I love that it isn’t too patterned so I won’t get bored with it in a few months. I also love that it isn’t too feminine looking so when Steve has the baby it doesn’t look like he is carrying a purse around.
March091 copyMarch088 copyMarch073 copyMarch074 copyMarch076 copyMarch081 copy

March084 copyMarch085 copy

– I ordered this diaper clutch off Etsy. It is nice because its holds your diapers and wipes, and its also a change pad. You can keep everything in one and just pull out the clutch when the baby needs a diaper change.

March055 copyMarch042 copy copy

– My good friend Melissa made me two amazing breastfeeding covers! They will be perfect for public feedings.

March052 copy

– Newborn slippers

March050 copy

– Pacifier

– Honest diapers

Honest wipes

March047 copyMarch046 copy

– Aden and Anais bamboo swaddle blanket

– Onsies

– Sleeper

– Socks

– Scratch mitts

March044 copy March043 copy

– Going home outfit

– Hat


You may have noticed in the first photos on this post that we put the cradle in our room beside our bed. Here is a close up of it! It was Stevens when he was a baby!

March096 copyMarch093 copy



Hospital Bag

Since I am due in less than a week I thought it was about time that I got my hospital bag and diaper bag packed! Here is a list of what we are planning to bring along with us in our hospital bag!

March071 copytext

– Flip flops (for the shower)

March057 copy


Norwex face cloth

Image face wash / face lotion

– Hair elastic

 – Headband

March060 copy

– Breast pads (disposable)

– Lanolin Cream

– Hydrogel tender care pads

March062 copy


March064 copy

-Shower cap

– Dry shampoo

March065 copy

– Tissues

– Lip balm

March067 copy

– Loose fitting going home outfit

March070 copy

 – Nursing tank top

March068 copy

– Camera battery

– Battery charger

March069 copy

– Tooth paste / tooth brushes

– Mints

Things not photographed: 

– Socks

– Underwear

– Steve’s change of clothing

– Deodorant

– Camera

– Ipad

– Granola bars (for Steve)

– Pj’s for both of us incase we stay a little while

– Cell phone charger

Anyone think I am missing anything??


A pop of color!

Even though it snowed here in Edmonton today I am being optimistic in thinking spring is around the corner. I made this fabric banner last year some time and didn’t have any idea of where I was going to put it in my home. I made it all neutrals so I could put it anywhere and have it work. It has been up over the old window in our kitchen for quite some time and I love it there, but everything was cream and neutrals. I went to fabric land and picked up some sheer turquoise fabric to add to it for a pop of color.

The banner is very easy to make. I got fabric in the colors I liked, cut it into strips with fabric scissors, and knot them over some twine.

Banner before:

February176 copy February177 copyFebruary179 copy February178 copy

Banner After:

February180 copy February181 copyFebruary185 copy

February182 copy February183 copy

I love the little change! The best part of it all is when I get tired of the bright color I can just take them off! Sometimes it is lots of work being someone who needs change in their life often!