File Cabinet

In our home we don’t have a designated office. We really don’t need an office because we both use laptop computers, and neither of us do work that would require an office space. There are three spare rooms in our house, one is the babies room, one is a guest room, and the other one is Steve’s music room. The only thing that we needed that would be in an office normally is a filing cabinet. I didn’t want a normal filing cabinet because they are big and don’t match the decor of our house. That is why I got an ottoman at the end of my bed and turned it into a place where we can file all of our paper work, and still have it look pretty!

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Smart right?!

House Tour // Master Bedroom

February082 copy

I wanted our room to feel more romantic and feminine. I added some sheer curtains to either side of the bed to lighten it up and make the space feel bigger. Gold has been my colour of choice lately so I went all out in our bedroom! The boxes on the right where dark brown and I spray painted them gold. February089 copyFebruary077 copy
February091 copyFebruary085 copyFebruary083 copyFebruary093 copyFebruary078 copyFebruary131 copyFebruary105 copy

What do you think of our new cream and gold bedroom?!

Here are some photos of the master bathroom as well!

February116 copyFebruary120 copyFebruary121 copy February122 copy


Bedroom Facelift

Our bedroom was one of the first rooms that I decorated. I wanted it done really fast just so our house felt a little more lived in. When we got our house we had nothing other than our beds. Our house was brand new, and felt extremely empty! Since we have been in our house for three years my style has changed in how I like it decorated. Steven really didn’t want our house to look “girly” so with our bedroom I kept it very masculine colours and patterns. Since then we have finished the basement and he has fully done what he wants down there so now I get to make our bedroom as pretty as I want!

These are all the before pictures:

January068 copy
January069 copyJanuary066 copyJanuary065 copy January063 copyFebruary072 copyJanuary072 copyFebruary074 copy

Tomorrows blog post will have the photos of how it looks now!

Lip Colors

February050 copyFebruary053 copyFebruary054 copy

I decided to do a post on a few of my favourite MAC lip colours. When I say a few, I mean I really had to narrow it down. I have over 30 lipsticks from MAC and I narrowed it down to my 5 most worn colours. 

“Creme de Nude”

This is my all time favourite nude lipstick. It has a shine to it so you don’t need to apply a gloss, and doesn’t fully wash out your lips! 

February003 copy February010 copy


If nude lipstick isn’t your thing, but you like a light pale pink Angel is the one to go for!

February011 copy February015 copy

“MAC Red” 

The name of the lipstick pretty much sums it up. If you are looking for a true red lip colour, MAC red is beautiful.

February022 copy February024 copy


Dark plum purple is usually my colour of choice when going out. It can pull a whole look together just by putting on a lipstick. 

February035 copy


This one is similar to Rebel but it is a little bit darker and little less purple. I couldn’t decide between the two because I love them both so much! 

February037 copyFebruary055 copy February059 copy