Gender Reveal Party

Steven and I found out the gender of our baby the day before I left for New York. It was so exciting finding out what we are having, even though I had the strongest feeling I knew what the baby is. We had a party at our house with 30 of our friends and family to tell them all the gender of the baby.

Nov004 copy

Thanks to all the girls who came over early and helped with the set up!

Nov001 copy

Nov003 copy

Nov010 copy

Nov012 copy

Nov013 copy

I made some bows of blue or pink for people to wear to show what they thought the babies gender was. I made a cupcake for everyone and put pink or blue inside of only one of them. Everyone had to bite into there cupcake at the same time, and the person who got the cupcake with the icing inside had to say what the gender is!

Nov006 copy

Nov007 copy

Nov014 copy

Nov016 copy

Nov017 copy

My sister Araby got the cupcake with blue inside!! Yup that right we are having a baby BOY!!

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