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I am such a lucky girl to have such great friends! One of my dearest and longest friends recently moved away to London, England. I was so sad to see her go half way across the world, but she has moved on to bigger and better things. She is working with a company in London called Possible, as a Creative/Art Direction Intern. She took all of her schooling at Alberta College of Art and Design, which is based out of Calgary. She is the one who made my blog SO beautiful. All the flowers at the top she hand drew onto the computer, and she picked all the colors and the fonts! I just love it!

If you want to check out some of her other work here is her website! Laura Russell



A little over a year ago I read Ashley Ann‘s blog post on her “thankful” journals. The next day I went out and got some notebooks to keep in my bed side table. Every night I think about one thing in my day that I am thankful for, and I write it down. Some days it’s a big and important thing I am thankful for, and some days its just a small detail. I love that everyday, even if it’s a bad day, I find some good in it. Writing it down makes me thankful for every day that I have. The best part is reading back on everything I have written down, you can tell which season it is or what I was going through in my life at that time.





And a photo of my monthly planner just because it is adorable!



Nursery Inspiration

It’s time! Time to start planning our baby’s nursery. In this post I am going to show you a few different photos so you can get the idea of what I am thinking of doing for our boy’s room. These next few photos are the crib that we bought and have set up in his room already…

IMG_9226Photo from:  kfd Designs

stellas-nursery-11Photo from: Onto Baby

tumblr_l0mb5lW8GJ1qzw1ebo1_500Photo from: Loveliest Days

baby-camille-1Photo from: Onto Baby

I am thinking of going with a rustic/industrial/antique looking room.


IMG_5093Photo from: Design Indulgence

rustic-outdoor-inspired-nursery-1Photo from: Onto Baby

(I have a slight obsession with lockers)

8d500c6593b62dd50e6e064ae5d0c755Photo from: Onto Baby

24c763c8b0cb6e1a310e6c385cdab750Photo from: Grand Design

ontobaby07Photo from: Onto Baby

fbc615b808845baa251d2bcfee6a3ee7Photo from: blood and champagne

Behind the crib we are thinking of doing a wood wall, in a lighter grey/brown tone. On the wall we are thinking of putting the baby’s name up with the metal letters from Anthropologie, like the letters we have in our bathroom.

f6aab3bb66c29be6c7c7ae11dd4547acPhoto from: Bower Power Blog

38a513a07d899bb9ee000ca7030a0155Photo from: Houzz

Yarn wrapped antlers are showing up everywhere now, and I’m hoping that we can incorporate it somewhere in his room!

f3698d9f7892e2157f4bcd68dde2e0f4Photo from: Onto Baby

27fd94c08bd3abcae944cf2784c7ac1aPhoto from: Dressed in Orange

Gender Reveal Party

Steven and I found out the gender of our baby the day before I left for New York. It was so exciting finding out what we are having, even though I had the strongest feeling I knew what the baby is. We had a party at our house with 30 of our friends and family to tell them all the gender of the baby.

Nov004 copy

Thanks to all the girls who came over early and helped with the set up!

Nov001 copy

Nov003 copy

Nov010 copy

Nov012 copy

Nov013 copy

I made some bows of blue or pink for people to wear to show what they thought the babies gender was. I made a cupcake for everyone and put pink or blue inside of only one of them. Everyone had to bite into there cupcake at the same time, and the person who got the cupcake with the icing inside had to say what the gender is!

Nov006 copy

Nov007 copy

Nov014 copy

Nov016 copy

Nov017 copy

My sister Araby got the cupcake with blue inside!! Yup that right we are having a baby BOY!!

New York x2

Here are a few photos of New York taken from my Iphone!





Gorgeous “For Sale” sign.



This is where you go for breakfast, snacks, and lunch. There is an in house chef at bumble that makes amazing food!












This is inside of Chelsea Market, you can see how it feels like you are underground.








A pretty little place in Soho we had dinner.



The dressing room at my favourite store in New York, Free People.



Halloween on 5th ave, just after the parade went by.




New York

I love New York City. This will be the third time that I have been to the Big Apple, and every time I try and picture myself in Carrie Bradshaw’s (amazingly stunning Manolo Blahnik) shoes.

The Bumble and Bumble University is in New York, which is why I was there. I, and one other lady from work, went to take a coloring class. In the salon that I work at in Sherwood Park we sell Bumble and Bumble hair products. Bumble is a very unique company. Aside from being the best in their class for hair products, they have an amazing university that is taught by celebrity stylists. Everyone that goes to take classes at the university has to be a fully licensed hair stylist. The thing that I love about the university is they don’t teach anything from the “books” of hair schools. Everything they teach is very artistic, how it feels while you are cutting or coloring, and to how to get the look that you want for each client. In the three classes that I have taken at Bumble and Bumble, I have learnt much more than I did in my whole schooling process to become a hairstylist. Did I mention the color class was only 2 days long?! It was a very long and intense days, but so rewarding.

Oct139 copy

All of the photos that I took of the inside of Bumble where taken on my cell phone. Bringing my “big” camera around while I was in the University and shopping was not going to happen. Much too heavy! My next post will be the photos off of my phone for you to see a little bit of how it is set up. From this photo it doesn’t look like much, but it is 8 floors and the walls are all glass so you get to look out over all of New York.

On the last day we were there I took out my big camera to get some photos of pretty buildings and different site-seeing that we did. This is the first time that I did a bus tour, which was surprisingly fun! I’m not much for seeing sites (did I say I’m a shopper?) but I was pleasantly surprised with how interested I was with the history of New York.

Oct132 copy

A wall of doors right outside of our hotel.

Oct134 copy

A little restaurant in the middle of the street.

Oct137 copy

Oct133 copy

The Chelsea Market is a fun place to go and look around. It almost feels like you are underground when you are inside! They have little shops with different food to buy, or sample sales of some name brand clothing.

Oct140 copy

“No dogs allowed.” “Clean up after your dog.” So…….? No dogs allowed?

Oct144 copy

Times Square, this is where we got on the bus to start the tour.

Oct151 copy

World’s prettiest post office!

Oct154 copy

This was taken from the bus looking up at the Empire State Building.

Oct155 copy

Oct157 copy

Oct159 copy

Oct164 copy