Have you ever felt truly blessed? An overwhelming feeling of joy has come into my life since I have meet these ladies. They have brought me so much laughter and happiness. They have taught me so much about myself, and how to love one another immensely. Not a day goes by that I don’t have a conversation with one of them. Sometimes serious conversations, but usually pretty ridiculously funny ones.








Fashion Friday // Neon

June_1105 copy

June_1107 copy

Summertime just screams fun bright colours to me. A loose fitting neon v-neck t-shirt, what more could one ask for? Oh I know, the price. It was only $4.99! Put it on with some looser jeans and a comfy pair of Toms and your set!

June_1102 copy

June_1108 copy

June_1111 copy

June_1088 copy

Shoes: Toms T-shirt: The Gap Denim: WESC Necklace: Stella & Dot Bracelets: H&M

Middle of no where

Chelsea and I drove out to Millet Alberta yesterday to go to an antique store that my Uncle had raved about. I have no clue why my Uncle had gone to the middle of no where Millet but much to our delight they have the most quaint Antique store. The sweet old man who owns it lives on the same property as the store but he lives in the house, and the store is in a make-shift garage.

July372 copy

July375 copy

July375 copy2

I picked out these old keys, they are the smallest ones I have ever seen! Perfect to hang on a necklace if you ask me!

July381 copy

July388 copy

I’m not sure if I love ombre so much because I’m a hairstylist, or if it’s the fact that it is just plain beautiful. Now that I have a super cute tea cup I need to find a tea pot that is just as fancy!

July391 copy

July394 copy

This ice cream cup is cute right? Its from Home Sense. I bought it in the same day, just not from the antique store in Millet. I couldn’t resist all those cute colors it has!

House Boating Trip

We just got back from an amazing holiday in BC at Shuswap lake with my family. Steven and I went with my Mom, both my sisters and their husbands. I am so blessed to have a family that love each other, support each other, and all get along amazingly! We started out the first few days camping, and when I say camping I mean really camping, in a tent. Really roughing it! Luckily there are next to no bugs and the weather was absolutely perfect the whole time. It was so very fun! We played some games, walked to get ice cream, went in the water, and relaxed.

July009 copy

July028 copy

July031 copy

Isn’t my man handsome?! ^

July035 copy

July037 copy

July048 copy

July062 copy

My sister Araby’s heart shape burn mark!

July056 copy

July071 copy

July074 copy

July080 copy

July085 copy2

The largest dandelions I have ever seen!

July090 copy

July093 copy


July108 copy

After four days of camping, we upgraded to a house boat! Best idea ever. Thanks mom 🙂

   July127 copy

July163 copy

July166 copy

July168 copy

Once we were out on the water we didn’t waste any time to get in to it!

July170 copy

July194 copy

July199 copy

July207 copy


We did lots of relaxing.

July209 copy

July215 copy


July218 copy


The boys skipped some rocks.

July229 copy

Every night on the house boat you have to dock your boat on the side of the water. Which turned out to be a really good thing because it meant we could go on hikes and find water falls and other pretty things. It also meant that we could have a fire on the beach at night and make s’mores!

July247 copy

July248 copy

July296 copy1

July297 copy

July316 copy

July264 copy

July257 copy

We rented a sea-doo for 24 hours which ended up being a lot of fun! The boys where in heaven.

July277 copy

July329 copy

At the end of the trip I don’t think any of us where ready to come home! All in all it was a great trip and I would defiantly suggest it to anyone who is thinking of going house boating!

Doilies make my heart happy

Some people gush over puppies and kittens. Not this girl, I have a love for doilies! I made a banner and hung it up on my wall as a piece of art work. I had a roll of twine on hand and some doilies, and I started sewing them on to the twine. It wasn’t until I was two doilies in and remembered how much I dislike sewing, so I used fabric glue instead!

March_1235 copy copy

March_1234 copy copy

IMG_9385 copy copy

IMG_9388 copy copy

IMG_9390 copy copy

IMG_9394 copy copy

This is the brand of fabric glue I used.

Crafts_0079 copy1