Hens and Chicks

June_1050 copy

I saw this metal/chalk board creation a few years ago at Urban Barn and loved it. I had no use for it at the time, but it was on sale and couldn’t say no. I was thinking I could use it to put a small birthday present in, or keep keys in it by the front door. I hadn’t come up with the right thing to use it for, until I found these lovelies at a garage sale..

June_1114 copy

June_1118 copy

I have a chalk pen that is water proof which is perfect if these live outside for a few weeks!

June_1051 copy

I tried writing out “grow” on the chalk board with a pencil before I used the permanent chalk pen. You wouldn’t believe how awkward it was to write on. Good thing my sister was there to take over, she also has much prettier writing then me.

June_1052 copy

June_1053 copy

After that I followed over with the chalk, and did a design around the edges.

June_1055 copy

I placed a row of rocks along the bottom for extra water run off, even though they don’t like much water.

June_1059 copy

June_1062 copy

June_1064 copy

June_1068 copy

June_1069 copy

And that is the final product! Cute right?

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