Hendrix’s Bedroom

This post is LONG overdue. I’ve had tons of people asking to see photos of Hendrix’s room complete, but majority of the time people want to know exactly how we did the wood wall. I love how the room turned out masculine, industrial, neutral but hints that it’s still in fact a kid’s bedroom (thanks for the unsightly iron man picture Uncle Edgardo.. which Hendrix LOVES by the way.)

I am going to be brutally honest and say I wasn’t planning on doing a blog post for his bedroom so I didn’t take photos of any of the prep work, paint, nails or the stains that we used to create the space. I will try to link as much as I can!

The very first thing we did to his room was the wood wall. We went to Rona and got some thin sheets of pine. It was in a bundle of 6 sheets of wood for 6 dollars. (see this is where I wish I had a photo of the wood we used because it’s insanely cheep and still looks awesome!) Before putting the wood on the wall we painted all the wood white with two coats of paint. I was going to leave it at that but then I decided I wanted a little bit of depth or texture to it to show that it was wood and not just a painted white wall. We went back to the store and picked up a grey stain and a warm brown stain. I have found in the past that grey stains often turn out looking to blue or purple based so I decided to mix the grey and the warm brown stain together to cancel out the blue tones. The next thing I did is probably not the “proper” way of doing it but it worked and I liked how it turned out so that’s all that matters! I took the cloth I was going to stain the wood with and got it really wet, than I dipped just the corner of the cloth in the stain. I would put a little bit of the stain on the wood and then I would smear it out with the wet cloth so it went more translucent and not so solid-looking. That is also how I got the wood to be darker in some places then others.

Brown stain

Grey stain

After it was all painted and stained we (more like Steve) cut and nailed the wood to the wall. I watched and made sure he was staggering the wood in the right spots. I personally like the look of the nails on the end of each board because it makes it look a little bit more industrial.

I also painted and stained this Ikea dresser the exact same way I did the wall.

The other thing I have wanted to do for SO long was hang a basket ball net for him to be able to have fun while putting his dirty clothing in the laundry basket! We went to Canadian tire and bought a kids basket ball net that was attached to a plastic backboard. Steve spray painted the hoop black and made a backboard out of wood that he stained with just the brown stain that we previously used.

Letters: Anthropologie

Lamp: Ikea

Bed: Ikea Bed

Duvet Cover: Ikea Bedding

Record Player: Urban Outfitters (similar)

Bedside Table: Bouclair

Table Lamp: Home Sense Canada

Basket Ball ring: Canadian Tire

Stuffed Animals: Jellycat





Covered Goods Nursing Cover

When I found out I was pregnant with Indie there were a few things I knew I needed this time around. The main thing that I wanted to get was a Covered Goods multi-use nursing cover. The best thing about this cover is that it fully wraps around you and your baby while you breastfeed in public. (yesssss no more side boob sticking out!) The fabric that it’s made from is super lightweight and stretchy, but not see through at all. You can even wear it as a scarf when you aren’t nursing and then just slide it over your shoulder, pop the baby under, and your covered!

You can also use the Covered Goods cover to hide your baby from wind and cold while they are in the car seat, and hide them from all the people who think they have the right to touch your baby.
img_4424 img_4425


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img_4428 img_4430

If you love this cover as much as I do, or are looking for an awesome baby shower present you can get it here!


Gold Headband: Mighty Mocs Floral Blanket: Little Unicorn Official

Indie’s Newborn Photos

My good friend Kaitlyne came over when Indie was 10 days old and got some of my favourite photos ever! Hendrix loves his baby sister so much that it was pretty easy to get photos of the two of them. She would ask him to kiss her head and 20 kisses later she had gotten LOTS of photos! Thank you Greentee Photography for capturing such a special time in our lives. img_5637_2-copyimg_5667-2img_5696-2-copyimg_5657-2img_5724_2-copyimg_5721-2img_5699_2img_5758_2-boughtimg_5804-2 img_6245 img_6240-copy img_6192 img_6184-copy img_6177 img_6152 img_6137 img_6133 img_6075 img_6060 img_6018 img_6003-copy img_5983 img_5917 img_5904 img_5896 img_5879-2 img_5819_2 img_5816_2img_6251img_6288

Indie Blanket: Jenniferannstyle

Pink bow headband: Lovedbysophiaclaire

Floral swaddle blanket: Little Unicorn Official

Pink Knot headband: You and me littles

Floral bow headband: Hello Kait

Indies Cream dress: Kicked Pants

Pink Sleeper: Lovedbaby

Cream Chevron Dress: Free People

Indies Birth Story

October 5th was my due date for our sweet baby girl, but that day came and went quickly. And then a few more days went, and a few more days after that. We were getting incredibly anxious to meet her, but in all honesty I was more stressed than anxious. Stressed that she wouldn’t come on time and I would have to be induced again. With Hendrix I went so far overdue that I had no choice but to induce my labor. My goal was to always have a natural delivery, without any induction or pain medication. But Hendrix being my first, I wasn’t sure what to expect, and once I ended up getting induced, my contractions were (to me) unbelievably painful for a very long time, and I figured because I already had medication to start the contractions I knew my labor wasn’t going to be all that natural so I caved and got epidural as well.

I had my final Doctor appointment on Friday Oct 14th, where he told me that he would like to induce me on the following Monday. I was having quite a few false labor contractions over the past couple of days and I knew that my body was almost ready to go into labor naturally, so if I didn’t happen over the weekend I was fairly positive that I was going to decline the induction. I was adamant about letting my body go into labor naturally.

That Friday night I started having contractions, around 7PM. They were coming every 10 minutes or so, and were not very painful. I didn’t know what it was, but I just felt that this wasn’t labor so I went to bed, to see if the contractions would go away, the contractions started to get less and less painful and longer distances apart as I started to fall asleep. Sure enough Saturday morning came and I felt totally normal again, the contractions were no longer present. The same thing happened again Saturday night, 10 minutes apart, and not overly painful. I woke up Sunday morning feeling defeated, feeling as if my body can’t do the thing it’s supposed to do. All I could think about was “one more day before induction.”

Sunday Oct 16th started out like the previous days, sad, frustrated I wasn’t in labor and was doubting if I was ever going to go into labor naturally. Woke up, had breakfast, washed the floors, and got my eyelashes done ( Hendrix has been waking up awfully early lately and it’s amazing what you can accomplish before noon when you are out of bed at 6 ). I put Hendrix down for a nap around 2PM and Steve went and met up with some friends to watch a football game, then I started getting some contractions. Again I was sure these were false contractions, although they were coming earlier than the previous days, so I just continued with my day like normal, I honestly didn’t even tell Steve about them while he was gone. My mom was coming over around 5 to pick Hendrix up to go swimming, that’s when the contractions started to get more painful and closer together, but still not painful enough to convince me I was on labor.

As the contractions were continuing, I was talking to a friend of mine who suggested I take a bath to relax, and if my contractions were to continue then maybe it was time to start believing that I was actually in labor! So Bath time, and boy was it relaxing ( in-between those pesky contractions ) I bathed for about an hour, and my contractions were as consistent as ever, so once I got out of the bath I told Steve that I was in labor, but still early stages of it.

Around 8 my mom came home with Hendrix, and we put him to bed. We told him that your baby sister is coming really soon, and that tonight you are going to have a sleep over with your uncle Jordan (Steve’s friend who was staying over), and that when you wake up you get to come meet your baby sister! Hendrix loved that, we have been talking about his baby sister for months now and I could tell he was very anxious to meet her. After putting Hendrix to bed, my contractions were still 5 minutes apart. My sister had popped by and witnessed at least 4 contractions, she could tell I was in pain but said they looked very manageable, which to me they were.

At this time Steve is begging me to go to the hospital (he is very cute when he stresses), but I was still convinced that I was in early labor and I didn’t want to be sent home, that would be to disappointing, after stressing about not going into labor naturally, to finally convince myself that I am, and to be told that … No in fact you are not… that would be so frustrating. Around 930 Steve and I decide to go for a walk outside, to help move along the labor, but nixed that idea quickly because, well we live in Canada, and it was much too cold out. While we were on that minute and a half walk Steve was begging me again and again to go the hospital, but I was still sure that it was too early, he finally gave in and told me that it’s my body and he will trust me. Again I just couldn’t handle being sent home, or even getting pressured into getting an epidural or some form of medication to hurry things along.

I tried going to bed after, not knowing what else to do, but the contractions were too much and there was no way I was going to get any sleep. I finally caved and told Steve that we might as well go to the hospital so I could at least walk to halls and try to dilate quicker and possibly get this baby out faster. We left our house around a quarter to 11, and headed to the Grey Nuns.

It took a while to get through triage, while waiting for the orderly to arrive I still couldn’t help but think that we came too early, and that I was going to be sent home. The orderly came with a wheelchair, but I felt fine and I walked upstairs, and once upstairs they monitored Indies heart rate. The nurse started asking me questions, and then she said “ let’s see if you are actually in labor “, after that comment I was discouraged. I knew it I came to early, and I was going to be sent home, and I was going to have to be induced in the morning (or most likely decline the induction). I looked at Steve, and he knew I was giving him the ‘ I told you so look ‘. But the look went un-warranted because once the nurse checked to see how dilated I was she told me quite shockingly that I was 7 Cm’s and that we needed to into a delivery room immediately!

We walked a few steps into the delivery room and as soon as we got into the room, I had my strongest contraction yet. This is when the nurse asked me if I would like any medication to help manage the pain. It was a painful contraction, but I felt that the pain was still very manageable, and I didn’t want to rush any decisions. The nurse also helped by saying that I looked like I was handling myself very well for being 7 Cm’s dilated. Soon after I had another ridiculously strong contraction, at this point I was still standing and this contraction almost took me to my knees. I had to hold onto Steve because my legs were shaking so bad. As the contraction came to an end, I felt something in-between my legs and said “There’s something coming out of me!”. At this time both the nurse and Steve told me to lay down. Once I was laying on the bed, the nurse quickly called for the Doctor, and told me that “ the thing you feel between your legs, is in fact your bag of waters”.

Everything started happening so quickly, and before I even had time to think the Doctor was in the room, she quickly broke my water , and before I could react to anything I had another contraction. With this contraction the doctor told me that it was time to start pushing. PAIN, so much pain I honestly didn’t think I could do it, I was screaming mainly out of pain but also out of fear. I was already in this uncontrollable amount of pain, and it just started! I just kept on thinking, WHY didn’t I get that epidural! It felt as if my body was getting ripped in half. Honestly I hardly pushed, my body did most of the work and after that first contraction of pushing my beautiful baby girls head was free! Contraction was done, and a little relief hit me for all of about 30 seconds, then I realized that it wasn’t over. Just like the one before another contraction over took my body, and the Doctor told me to push….. I couldn’t (but I did) and before I knew it , she was here, 12:02 AM. It honestly happened so quickly, I still had my shirts on and I wasn’t even changed into a hospital gowned yet, but I was dying to do some skin on skin with my baby for the first time, so I took my shirt off right then and there, and then there she was on my chest for the first time!

The funny thing was, after it was all said and done, I texted my Mom and sisters a photo, and they all thought it was a prank! They thought it was a photo of the night Hendrix was born, they couldn’t believe that her birth was so quick. Just a half hour earlier I was only 7 Cm’s and feeling great!

I honestly couldn’t of imagined a better birth. I am so thankful to have had a beautiful and natural delivery, just like I’ve always wanted! I felt fairly good the whole time, well other than those last 4 excruciating contractions in the delivery room. Even the recovery has been going great, I felt much better WAY faster than I did with Hendrix. Even by day 4 I was feeling almost like my old self again… Feeling pretty good about a #3 now! 🙂

Just before I got checked to see how far dilated I was img_7256

img_7261 img_7399 img_7400img_7294

On our way home!

Nursery Finished!

When I started Indies nursery I knew I was going to keep all of the furniture the same because I still love it and I’m cheap :). The crib, the dresser and the glider chair where all from Hendrix’s nursery so all I needed to do was some decorations. The first thing that I bought was a mirror and I had no clue where I was going to use it but I loved it so I got it. I knew I wanted a fiddle leaf fig in her room and a floral garland around her closet. My sister and I went to Michael’s and bought some silk flowers and made the garland which turned out better than I expected.

The other thing that I love in the nursery is the wall weaving my sister made for her. I told her the dimensions I wanted and that I wanted it mostly creams and little hints of a dusty pink. She hit the nail on the head because I’m obsessed with it!

The mobile above her bed I made with all the supplies from Michael’s as well. I bought embroidery rings, spray painted them gold and hung feathers from some fishing wire. 
october066-copy-copyseptember005-copyoctober063-copy-copyseptember004-copy october068-copy-copyoctober071-copy-copyseptember004-copyoctober074-copy-copyoctober078-copy-copyoctober080-copy-copyoctober082-copy-copyimg_6198

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She won’t be staying in the nursery for the next 6 months or so but I am loving how it turned out. Right now we are enjoying her staying in our room but at least her room is done for when we move her.

Indiana Rose

On October 17th 2016 we welcomed our beautiful little girl into the world. She was born at 12:02am and weighed 8lbs 12oz. It has been so much fun watching Hendrix fall in love with her. He is always wondering where she is, giving her kisses and wanting to hold her. Steve and I are both obsessed with her and we are so excited to watch her grow up. She has been doing great at nursing, and usually sleeps 3-4 hours at a time during the night.

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october115-copy october136-copy october139-copy october146-copy october166-copy october174-copy october186-copy october198-copy

Maternity Photos

I can not say enough good things about GreenTee Photography. Kaitlyne has taken our photos since I was pregnant with Hendrix and I have never been disappointed. She gets a smile out of Hendrix every time and makes us feel so comfortable. Thank you Kaitlyne for taking such amazing photos of my growing family! I can’t wait to meet this little girl that I have been feeling moving in my belly for the past 9 months! img_0010 img_0042 img_0059 img_0101 img_0141 img_0169 img_0199-copyimg_0113 img_0205 img_0250-copy img_9862img_9927-copy img_9871 img_9915 img_9943 img_9955 img_9964