Maternity Photos

I can not say enough good things about GreenTee Photography. Kaitlyne has taken our photos since I was pregnant with Hendrix and I have never been disappointed. She gets a smile out of Hendrix every time and makes us feel so comfortable. Thank you Kaitlyne for taking such amazing photos of my growing family! I can’t wait to meet this little girl that I have been feeling moving in my belly for the past 9 months! img_0010 img_0042 img_0059 img_0101 img_0141 img_0169 img_0199-copyimg_0113 img_0205 img_0250-copy img_9862img_9927-copy img_9871 img_9915 img_9943 img_9955 img_9964

Baby Girl

Ultrasound photos of her at 19 weeks. Image01Image02

We started decorating the nursery a few months ago but I just took some photos of her room the other day! My sister and I made a floral garland to go over her closet door, and all of the furniture is just what we had from when Hendrix was in the nursery.

september004-copy september005-copy september006-copy september009-copy september010-copy september011-copy september012-copy

I have officially started packing her hospital bag too! Here are a few things I have pulled out to put in the diaper bag!


Pillow: Urban Outfitters

Crib Sheet: Little Unicorn Official

Swaddle blankets: Little Unicorn Official

Quilt: Anthropologie

Sleeper: Loved Baby

Pouf: Homesence

She will be here in 4 short weeks and we can’t wait!

This life

How did I ever get so lucky to live this life with such a special boy in it. I love these photos Greentee Photography took of us because it really shows how cuddly Hendrix is. I mean, don’t get me wrong he does have his crazy monkey moments and times where he doesn’t listen at all. But deep down he is so tender and loving, and it has been so fun to watch it come out.
If I ever hurt myself he comes up and says “sorry mommy!” and give me a kiss. If he sees a baby crying he will bring them a toy and give them a soother. It makes me so happy to call him my little boy.

IMG_5104IMG_5099 copy IMG_5124 IMG_5151 IMG_5178 IMG_5245 IMG_5267. IMG_5304 IMG_5356 copy IMG_5377

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Our sweet little boy turned 2! How did that happen? The day before his birthday we had a little birthday party for him with our families. We made brunch, opened presents and had cupcakes.

Hendrix, you are the light of my life and I can’t imagine my life without you in it. Thank you for making me a mommy.

April234 copy April238 copy April263 copy April293 copy April296 copy April299 copy April302 copy April311 copy April315 copy April321 copyApril328 copy April331 copy April336 copy April353 copy

My mom with all her grandchildren. Isn’t she lucky!
April361 copy April394 copy April436 copy April505 copy

He is extremely afraid of fire, so this was like torture! April531 copy April540 copy

Baby #2

IMG_9377 copy

Hello loves! I am so excited and happy to announce we are having another baby in the beginning of October! I’m sorry I have been so non-existent lately but to be honest I have not been feeling good at all. Any spare time I have I’m either napping or trying not to puke🙂 Now that I’m almost 15 weeks I’m starting to feel better so hopefully I will be back more often!

Here is a 11.5 week ultrasound photo of our new little baby that we are so excited to meet.11.4 weeks

New Shelves

I have been slowly decorating my house since we moved in. The walls around the table have felt very plain so we hung up some shelves that I can decorate. It will be so fun to decorate them according to the season, right now they have some Christmas decor on it but that will be changing VERY quickly!

November117 copy

December 525 copy copy

After: December 587 copy December 588 copy December 589 copy December 591 copy December 592 copy

The brackets we used where these from Ikea and are only $2.00. For the wood I went to home depot and got a 2×10 board and I stained it with the same stain I used for our table.

Cutest little helmet

First of all, thank you to everyone who entered the LitLettering personalized stamp giveaway! The lucky lady who won already had her stamp designed and it should be in the mail any day now.

Anyways, our little man is obsessed with anything hockey related. He has a hockey book and points at the skates then at his feet, points at their helmets and then points to his head. My sister-in-law gave Hendrix a hockey helmet for him to wear and it has not come off since. From the moment he wakes up until the moment he goes down for a nap his helmet is on his head.

Naturally Steve wants him to learn how to skate and he knew Hendrix would have a blast. So he took him out skating one night while I was out with friends, and I so badly wanted photos. Apparently Hendrix was slipping around so much Steve needed both hands on him at all times. So we decided to take him again (yay for free under 2!) and he did so good.

December1260 copyDecember1263 copyDecember1259 copyDecember1310 copyDecember1314 copy
December13201December1353 copy
December1356 copy
December1326 copy

December1159 copy

And this photo.. because its hilarious. December1160 copy